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15th International Conference on Otolaryngology: ENT Surgery” the entire challenger globally to appear our highly dedicated events scheduled to be held on October 18-19, 2021 which is programmed as WebinarENT 2021 highlights the theme, Achievements and Innovations in Otolaryngology”Otorhinolaryngology conference highlights the new technology in the ENT Disorders, Facial and Neck Surgery, Implant surgery and all related subjects. 

Otolaryngology is the study of medicines that related to ear, nose and throat. Doctors who specialized in this study are called otolaryngologists or ENT surgeons. The sub-specialities in otolaryngology are; head and neck surgery, pediatric ENT, facial reconstructive and cosmetic surgery, otology, rhinology and laryngology. There are many different types of devices and navigation systems are used for diagnosis, treatment or surgical methods that related to otolaryngology. These are all helps to overcome the problems related to hearing, smelling and speaking. There is an extensive range of devices available in the market including ENT endoscopes, powered surgical instruments, hearing aids, hearing screening devices, hearing implants, balloon sinus dilation devices, CO2 lasers, image-guided surgery systems, vent tubes, and voice prosthesis devices.

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Academic Researchers, Associate Professors, Clinical Researchers, Entrepreneurs, Otolaryngology companies, ENT Innovators, Physician, Surgeons, ENT Professors, R&D Companies, Research Scholars, Specialists, Public Healthiest, Internal Medicine Physicians.

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